Important things to consider, and tips for a fun and relaxing Holiday in Negril.

whistling bird is genuine jamaica.  come live as we live



Travel Authorization is NO LONGER REQUIRED to enter Jamaica    (Current update June 12, 2022. Original update June 19, 2020) As of April 16, 2022  Jamaica no longer requires a Covid test to enter! As of June 12, 2022 USA has suspended Covid testing to re-enter!!

Latest curfew information for Westmoreland and the Country (latest update April 14, 2022)

  • Prime Minister Andrew discontinued the travel authorization requirements and revised the curfew hours.  Most all bars, music venues and restaurants have fully reopened!
  • Anticipate that shoppes and restaurants MAY still require a mask to enter as well as temperature reading and hand sanitizing to enter. The restrictions on wearing of masks has been loosened but it’s still up to the individual venue or shop owners.
  • In Negril, at least 1 pharmacy and 1 Doctors office is open 7 days.  The new Omni Medical will soon be operational.  Covid testing available 7 days, some locations might be reduced hours for these dates, keep in mind for persons requiring a timely covid test for return to your country if required.
  • SPECIAL UPDATE FOR OUR CANADIAN VISITORS  Canada is NO LONGER requiring PCR testing to re-enter Canada, as of April 1, 2022
    IF YOUR COUNTRY requires a negative test, we have it set up for testing to be done at Whistling Bird, PCR or Antigen, Very fast turn around times!  An appointment must be set up with the Doctor through Miss Bavra.  


Updated February 15, 2022

When planning your trip, keep in mind 

  •  L O O K.   A T.   N E X T.   P A R A G R A P H.   P L E A S E.
  • Whistling Bird is not an "All-Inclusive" because cottages are available without any Food & Beverage packages, as such it is a PRIVATE PROPERTY and must be indicated as such on contact tracing documents you may be required to complete.  The address to use is: 3423 Norman Manley Blvd, Westmoreland parish, town of Negril and local phone number is 876-357-9296
  • Any documents other than passports you may be required to present at the airport or to the Jamaican authorities may be done electronically on your phone, but if possible you may PRINT and carry with you.
  • Helpful information is available at the www.WBFAQ.com site or the www.visitjamaica.com site.  Customs form MAY be on the Jamaican site (have your flight number handy when you start the process as it will be required), but be certain to obtain one during the flight and complete it before you land.


Updated June 12, 2022

Some countries may require a Negative Covid-19 test to be provided to board aircraft.  Specifically keep in mind:

  • The testing requirements are continuously updated so check with your destination country. USA and Canada no longer requires tests to re-enter.
  • Whistling Bird has made arrangements for guests with 2 testing providers within walking distance of the property. We also have the option for the Doctor to come to the property to conduct the testing.  Depending on the particulars of your visit, guests will be charged the nominal fee of $50usd per test, slightly higher for on property testing, with results in 15 to 45 minutes (PCR approx 12-18 hours)
  • There are exceptions for travel to the USA including obvious injury or illness, recent recovery from Covid-19 documented and with a health care providers letter of certification and international travelers that have not received the Covid-19 vaccine or areunable to provide documentation. However, to board any aircraft, ultimate acceptance of required documentation rest in the hands of Jamaican gate agents, and it is often the case they do not keep up on such information so it is always best to check requirements yourself.
  • If your test generates a positive or false positive result, Whistling Bird will assist with extending your stay at no-cost or reduced-cost, until the quarantine period has expired or a negative result obtained.  This situation will be handled on a case-by-case basis. 
  • Required documents must be shown to your airline gate agent and you may be given other forms to sign.  Some airlines have an electronic form to complete.This will be part of your boarding documents and will be collected no later than when you board the aircraft.  No other action on your part is required, and you will not need to present documents other that passport upon entering the United States.
  • Airlines may also require a tracing form to be completed indicating where you will be staying in the United States and even if you are returning to your home you still need to complete the form which may be in a paper format, sometimes done ahead of your trip in an online process, or may be done at the airport in an electronic format.

HAndy travel tips and reminders

No matter where in the world you’re traveling, it’s important to stay safe and healthy. Here are some tips to make your Jamaican vacation safe, and fun.

  • Make sure you travel with a valid passport (or visa if required).  Also, bring another valid form of photo I.D., and photocopies of both I.D.s. in case of loss
  • Give friends and family your contact information and itineraries in case of emergency
  • Be sure to bring your necessary medications like prescriptions for anyone in your travel group. Locally you can find general first aid, etc.
  • Always check with your airline for updates on departure and arrival times
  • Plan to use sunscreen...the Jamaican sun can be intense
  • Plan to use mosquito repellent, in the tropics these pests are very active mornings and evenings! 
  • Keep possessions safe at the resort, we have personal safes in all cottages
  • Negril and most of Jamaica will accept both United States currency or the Jamaican dollar (the country's currency). We would not recommend doing cash exchanges at unfamiliar locations or the airport because the exchange rate will not necessarily be in your favor.  Most US banks can provide you with Jamaican currency and there are numerous ATM machines, but again, US currency is readily accepted
  • Don’t carry around large amounts of cash and avoid bringing expensive items with you
  • Remember we have 24 hour security on property but wherever you travel in the USA or abroad, be vigilant and be aware of your belongings and surroundings


If you have been provided access to this page, you have considered booking or recently booked a visit to Whistling Bird.  VERY IMPORTANT: your reservation is not guaranteed unless you have received a confirmation email, so please make certain this important step is completed!  Keep in mind, if you have not made a deposit or made an alternative payment arrangement, you do not have a confirmed reservation!  Please confirm to us via email, and provide the details needed to complete your reservation and electronic registration, including your complete name, EMERGENCY CONTACT INFORMATION, phone number, email, mailing address, flight information and expected arrival time.  Cancellations must be made via email, but for everyone's piece of mind, phone calls are recommended as well!  We will gladly answer questions  on the phone, but email is the best method for communication as it is available 24 hours .  We want you to enjoy every minute your visit, and all of the 'paperwork' can be completed ahead of your arrival!  If we are assisting with Ground transportation, it is imperative you provide flight details, arrival time, and notify us of any delays.  If we send a driver for you and you choose another form of transport without advising us well in advance, we will need to collect that drivers fare from you!!  Make certain the driver at the airport has been sent by Whistling Bird, and that you have not just been directed to the next available driver.


  • Paperwork to complete on the plane --  you will be required to complete a form for Customs, and the destination portion of the form should be completed to read: Whistling Bird Resort, 3423 Norman Manley Boulevard, Negril, Westmoreland Parish,  876-357-9296
  • You will meet an Immigration Officer who will stamp your passport once you are approved for for entry into Jamaica.  It is helpful if you have your trip itinerary which will show your anticipated date of departure.
  • You will then collect any checked luggage.  Although convincing, the 'Cambios' or money exchanges take about 20% of the exchange rate, and you will lose money.  It is NOT recommended to exchange money at the airport since ATM machines are nearby in Negril, and USD is readily accepted.
  • Proceed to Customs, and go to the last lanes "Nothing to Declare" and turn in your Customs form.  The officer may ask about your visit, answer honestly, and generally, you have nothing to declare.
  • The room following Customs offers Rental cars, hotel accommodations and taxi or shuttle rides.  If you have arranged transport with a private driver through Whistling Bird, advise them you have a driver waiting and exit the terminal through the double doors.  This area is where drivers will have signs for the various hotels and resorts, look for your name and/or Whistling Bird, to the right there is the 'Groovy Grouper' bar and a little patty stand if you need to gather yourself while you connect with your driver.
  • OVERVIEW  Sangster International Airport -- MBJ 
    Located in Montego Bay, most tourists land here. It's the better port of entrance if traveling to Negril. Taxis, hotel shuttles and car rental companies are available to help you get to Whistling Bird. For more information, you may contact them directly, however, we recommend a private JUTA driver to get you from the airport directly to Whistling Bird, and for getting around Negril. They are glad to stop along the way for you to get a cold beer, water or a photo opportunity.  You can also discuss recommended tours and excursions and your driver can quote prices and make recommendations for you.  Local transportation or airport shuttle is not included with your visit. The average trip between airport and Negril is $100 US or less for 1 or 2 passengers and luggage with a private driver, and takes about one hour 20 minutes time.  The drivers are independent operators and you should plan on paying them directly.  This information is only a guideline.


Whistling Bird has direct booking from our website, and reservations can be made over the phone, year-round.  We also have several partners including Expedia.com, AIRBNB, Hotels.com,  GROUPON, Trivago and TripAdvisor Instant Booking. If you take advantage of one of these excellent opportunities, or direct book and select travel dates for the low or "off season" times, there will be less traffic, fewer crowds and lower air fares in addition to exceptional savings at Whistling Bird.  You will still enjoy Jamaica's beauty, outstanding beaches, sun, and the wonderful people it is known for!  There is a seasonal absence of some food items, and some celebrations and adventures are not available year-round. If you have a particular adventure you wish to attend, check with us or the venue to be certain it is available during your planned visit.  If you choose to include food and beverage, please remember we do not collect gratuities or add in any additional service fees.  Depending on the time of your visit and the cottage configuration, there may be a mandatory 'energy fee' added to and on top of your reservation, no matter the source of your booking.  Lastly, it is always most welcomed if you should show your appreciation directly to the staff members that take care of you!  We do not add in the customary "10% Service Fee" and alternatively can suggest appropriate compensation to Staff.


Whistling Bird is a family created and owned property for over 35 years that was intentionally designed to be "Genuine Jamaica"  and not a 'big box' hotel property.  The pace is laid back, friendly and more like staying with a Jamaican family than at a hotel in Jamaica.  There are only a handful of cottages on the property, all with slight design variations.  A rendering of a typical floor plan of the single room and 3 room cottage is available on our website through the conversation bubble at the bottom left of the first page under "check availability".

Each day the Chef will prepare a complete breakfast, generally around the 8:00 hour, and for dinner the Chef provides service starting at approximately 5:30 p.m. Traditional Jamaican dishes are our specialty, the selections change daily as out food is prepared using fresh ingredients, hence, every item on our printed menu may not be available every day!  Please see our food and beverage page for additional information.  

The setting is beachfront and the dining, Chefs Counter and bars are all open-air, with uniquely designed individual cottages among lots of tropical foliage.  There are lots of birds (the cottages each are named after different native birds!), beach crabs, little friendly lizards, tiny tree frogs and other fauna you would expect to find in such a setting.  A  stay at Whistling Bird and you will experience the Genuine Jamaica!

The Caribbean Sea is generally smooth, clear and calm, and use of the Sea including any watersports activities or services provided by any vendors is at your own risk.  This extends to the use of any portion of not only the property but any services you might receive at the property, from any Staff member or from any outside vendor including but not limited to transportation, rental of vehicles, purchase or use of goods, Food and beverages, massage, etc., etc.  We want you to have an amazing visit, but common sense, good judgment and vigilance on your part is a must!